Hammy's Little Swimmers

Create memorable moments with your little swimmer
Discover a perfect mix of fun, learning, and precious bonding moments. Get ready to have an aquatic adventure with your little one!
Make memories with your little ones from their first splash to their first swim
  • Make a Splash Physically
    Our swim lessons aren't just fun—they're a workout! Babies flex muscles, improve coordination, and boost endurance in the water. Plus, they develop flexibility and motor skills for a strong start in life.
  • Dive into Cognitive Growth
    Swim lessons are more than just splashes; they're brain-boosters too! Babies navigate in water, sharpening spatial awareness and problem-solving skills with every stroke.
  • Embrace Emotional Bonds
    Water has a soothing effect on babies, creating a nurturing environment where they can relax and bond with their moms. Its warmth promotes emotional well-being, making babies feel secure and loved.

The sessions provided a great opportunity to bond with my daughter and our time was filled with enjoyable rhymes and water activities that she absolutely loved! Plus, I had the chance to connect with other parents too!

- Cat
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AED 105
  • Lesson duration:
  • 30 minutes
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AED 105
  • Lesson duration:
  • 30 minutes
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It's more than just a swim—it's a journey of discovery and bonding.
From building strong bodies to growing curious minds, these sessions offer it all. Join us as we splash, play, and create unforgettable memories together.
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